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Students unwind at cookout after the first day of classes
Students unwind at cookout after the first day of classes

Carolina Welcome: Classes begin

By Jeff Stensland,, 803-777-3686

Thursday was the first day of classes and the official beginning of a new life as a college student for many of USC’s 4,900 incoming freshmen.

Hundreds of them converged on Bates House dining hall Thursday evening to get “I Survived the First Day of Classes” T-shirts, eat some burgers and swap stories with friends. It was also a chance for the new students to meet face-to-face with Cocky, who dispensed fist bumps, high-five and even some hugs to the students moving through the cafeteria lines.

Kirstin Hobbs, a psychology major from Conway, S.C, said the event was a nice way to unwind after an emotional day.

“I woke up this morning with knots in my stomach,” said Hobbs, who had a psychology and a math class Thursday. “I really wasn’t what to expect, but it actually went really well. The two professors I had seemed really nice.”

Sean Buckley, a business major from Atlanta, said he had no qualms about his ability excel at USC.

“I have to say, I’m 100 percent confident and ready,” said Buckley, whose first classes were University 101 and music appreciation. “I think it’ll probably get a little more intense, though. I have German and calculus coming up next.”

For Michael Essma, a psychology major from St. Louis, the most intense part of the day was adjusting to the sheer scale of college compared to high school. “I had a math class in Gambrell, and it was in a big lecture hall. That was pretty different,” he said.

Nevertheless, Essma said he’s going to love life on a big research campus in the SEC, and he didn’t mind standing in long lines at Bates House. “The whole reason was I chose USC was the spirit and energy on campus. It’s awesome.”

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