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Summer at Carolina launches

By Peggy Binette,, 803-777-7704

Having a foundation in business can enhance any major and make any student entering the job market, locally or globally, more competitive.

That’s Michelle Wilson’s thinking. The chemical engineering major plans to graduate in four years, get a job in the chemical industry and work her way into management. Like many students not majoring in business, she knows a minor or concentration in business will help her reach her goals.

This summer she and other undergraduates will have the opportunity to jump start or complete a minor or earn a concentration in business through the university’s Summer Business Institute. Participants can earn 12 credit hours with courses in accounting, economics, marketing and management.

The Summer Business Institute is part of Summer at Carolina, a new calendar of summer course offerings as part of On Your Time Graduation -- the university’s expansion to three full semesters that will give students the flexibility to progress through their degree program at their own pace. This will more easily accommodate internship and study abroad experiences and make it possible for students to earn a bachelor’s degree in less than three years.

Wilson says she appreciates having greater flexibility and the opportunity to take a cluster of courses in a single discipline.

“I like the idea of not having to push aside courses or cram 23 hours into a semester,” says Wilson, a McNair Scholar finalist. “You can learn things better when you can connect materials and courses together. It gives you a deeper understanding of concepts.”

The Business Institute’s four courses comprise a business core valuable to students seeking entry-level positions in corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. The courses will be offered during two, six-week terms. Once completed, participants will earn a 12-hour concentration or the credit may be applied to a business minor, which requires 18 hours.

“We know how beneficial it is for students to be conversant in business and have a deeper understanding of the business world in order to navigate through and excel in it. Our goal is make a business minor or concentration accessible for non-business majors at Carolina,” said Carolyn Jones, dean of undergraduate education at the Darla Moore School of Business.

For Eric Grzybowski, a political science major, the Business Institute is good news. The sophomore plans to take as many courses as possible this summer so that he can earn an internship the following summer.

“The Business Institute interests me a lot. It’s really appealing to do in a summer,” he said. “Any business coursework will help me with a job. I like the idea of focusing on business and then focusing back on my major in the fall.”

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On Your Time Graduation: Summer at Carolina

  • What: The first summer semester in the university's expansion to three full semesters
  • When: Summer 2013
  • Why: To give students the flexibility to progress through their degree programs at their preferred pace, more easily accommodate internship and study abroad experiences and make it possible to earn a bachelor's degree in under three years.
  • Features: Language Institute, Business Institute for students not majoring in business, online courses, study abroad opportunities, expanded support services, such as housing and dining

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