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Y'ALL winners

Y'ALL winners


Ackermann hopes to return to Southeast Asia, possibly in the field of international development, which she describes as nation building through better access to water, food, health care, education, and employment.


Encouraging alumni to help

Ackermann and Hinson said it’s important for young alumni to help with the continued growth and academic opportunities provided to students at their alma mater by giving back to Carolina with gifts. Even if the gifts are small, they make a difference in the University’s ability to provide scholarships, stipends, and enhanced programs.

“During these challenging economic times, it’s natural to be cautious, but the need for the University of South Carolina to continue its great programs and traditions is exactly why this is the best time to think about providing a gift,” Ackermann said. “This University is part of our roots and opened doors for us.”

“When you get a lot of benefit from something, like I did from my Carolina education, you want to see your University continue to grow,” Hinson said. “I am making sure I give a gift to Carolina each year because I take pride in the University’s success.”

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