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Kristin Todd, Melissa Peterman
Kristin Todd (left) and "The Singing Bee" host Melissa Peterman.

Senior sings her way to $10,000 on CMT's 'The Singing Bee'

By Steven Powell, 803-777-1923,

Kristin Todd's semester just got a little easier, and it was just as studying for exams arrived.

The senior biological sciences major might still have a full slate of finals to face, but at least she's finally able to let her friends in on a little secret: She won $10,000 on this season's premiere episode of CMT's “The Singing Bee.”

Having aired on Friday, April 20, the episode shows Todd turning back five other competitors to take home the top prize. Contestants have to fill in the blanks with song lyrics. "You might have to sing the whole chorus, or you might just have to fill in a few words," said Todd, who nearly posted a perfect score in the competition.

"I only missed one word, in “Bonfire” – and I actually knew it, but I was so nervous that I messed it up," Todd said. "So I don't even like listening to it anymore."

Todd learned about the audition process from the show’s website. "I sent an e-mail, saying I went to USC, and I was from a small town, Aynor, S.C., and they e-mailed back that they'd love to have me try out."

She traveled to an Atlanta casting session Feb. 4, where she answered a written quiz and participated in a mock audition. Within a week, the producers called to invite her to Los Angeles to film the show.

"I had never flown in an airplane, so that was fun," Todd said. "I made my Mom go with me, because I was so nervous. We flew to LA and stayed in a hotel for free for two days. The first day we were able to do some sightseeing in LA, and the second was a full day of filming."

"The worst part was that I've known since March 2, when we filmed the show, that I had won, but I couldn't tell anyone," she said. "So I've been keeping this huge secret, and it was exciting watching it this past Friday when it premiered. It was great to see everyone's reaction when they saw I won."

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