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Jackie Rowland, ’04, nursing, Goose Creek, S.C.

Jackie Rowland
Jackie Rowland

Nurses perform a crucial role in providing the best health care possible at Veterans Administration hospitals, said Rowland, who has taken a leadership role in that regard in Charleston. She seeks to exemplify the College of Nursing standard, “Changes in Health Care for Best Practice,” while teaching younger nurses, participating in community nursing programs, and advocating for her profession. Rowland’s mother was also a Carolina nursing school alumna, while a nephew is nearing graduation at the Moore School of Business. Her home flies the Gamecock flag year-round. Rowland has applied to the VA’s nurse anesthetists school. “I am the face of the University of South Carolina where I work or wherever I go: I wear my graduation ring with pride, never forget where I came from, and always recognize that I have an education given to me by the first true USC in 1801!”


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