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Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

‘Predictioneering The Future’ lecture Oct. 29


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Game theory is a complex term for the simple idea that people naturally think and act in their own best interest.

On Saturday one of the world’s top game theorists will be at the University of South Carolina to give a public talk as part of a National Science Foundation-sponsored conference.

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

In a talk titled “Predictioneering The Future,” Dr. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, the Julius Silver Professor of Politics at New York University, will discuss his latest book, “The Predictioneer’s Game,” at 7:30 p.m., Oct. 29, at Gambrell Hall, Room 153. His talk is free.

Bueno de Mesquita’s presentation, intended for a general audience, will deal with how game theory can help people develop reliable predictions for addressing complex world and national security problems as well as business and personal challenges. For instance, he says global climate change would be better addressed by having nations compete for technology rather than through regulations. He says game theory can offer the most effective solutions to everything from settling lawsuits to negotiating the price of a car. He also will share examples of how game theory has been applied to U.S. foreign policy problems.

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Bueno de Mesquita directs the Alexander Hamilton Center for Political Economy at NYU. A member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, he is a former president of the International Studies Association. Foreign Policy Magazine has named him among the top 100 global thinkers.

The lecture is part of an NSF-funded conference that will take place Oct. 28 – 30. The conference, titled “New Horizons in Conflict System Analysis: Applications to the Middle East,” will feature top scholars from political science, to geographic information systems and linguistics.

The conference, organized by USC professors Dr. Harvey Starr and Dr. Stanley Dubinsky, is co-sponsored by USC’s Office of Research and Graduate Education and the College of Arts and Sciences’ political science department, Jewish Studies Program, Linguistics Program and the Walker Institute of International and Area Studies.

For more information about the public talk or the conference, visit the website or contact Starr and Dubinsky via email at and


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