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2011 USC Move In, By the Numbers

Editor’s note: Numbers relating to the incoming freshman class are preliminary.


7,281 ---- The number of undergraduates who will live on campus this year in residence halls and Greek Village houses.

4,550 ---- The estimated number of students in the university’s freshman class.

30,000 ---- The estimated student population on the Columbia campus. There are approximately 45,000 students across the eight-system USC campus.

97 ---- The estimated percentage of freshmen who will live on campus, an important number as research shows new students who live on campus are more involved in campus life and develop stronger social networks.

63 ---- The expected number of high-school valedictorians in the freshman class.

5 ---- The top five states (in order) where out-of-state freshmen hail from are North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia and New Jersey. South Carolinians make up 58 percent of the freshman class.

344 ---- The estimated number of freshmen who will enter South Carolina Honors College this fall.

546 ---- The estimated number of freshmen who will enter the Capstone Scholars Program.

544 ---- The number of students who will live in the newly remodeled Patterson residence hall. The major renovation included a conversion to suite-style units and an updated lobby.

97 ---- The estimated percentage of freshmen from South Carolina who will enter the university having earned an academic scholarship (HOPE, LIFE, Palmetto Fellows) from the state of South Carolina.

113 ---- The number of events sponsored by 46 organizations over nine days during Welcome Week.

6,825 ---- The number of books pre-packaged by the University Bookstore (Barnes & Noble, Russell House) for students to pick up.

2,223 ---- The number of book titles available for rent at University Bookstore, an option that cuts student book costs by more than half.

240+ ---- The number of faculty, staff and student volunteers who will help students and their families move belongings into rooms. More than 400 additional staff will help students by opening their service offices.

98,800 ---- The number of Chick-fil-A sandwiches sold in Gamecock Park (Russell House University Union) last school year.

4.4 million ---- The number of meals served annually in the 27 on-campus dining units.

71, 000 ---- The number of pizzas eaten each year at the Pizza Hut and Pandini’s restaurants on campus.

46,600 ---- The pounds of chicken fingers consumed on campus by university students last year.

52,600 ---- The number of bagels Einstein’s served on campus last year.

More than 100,000 ---- The number of meals prepared at the Russell House University Union each week during the academic year.

39 ---- The percentage of South Carolina-grown produce served in USC dining units.

55,000 ---- The number of packages delivered at the Student Mail Center during the course of the school year.

10 ---- The tons of cardboard expected to be collected and recycled this weekend (based on fall 2010 move-in numbers).

400 + ---- The number of recycling containers found in academic facilities.

103,885 ---- The average pounds of materials recycled each month on campus.

55 ---- The estimated percentage of females in this year’s freshman class, which reflects a nationwide trend as more young women enroll in college.

19 ---- The estimated number of sets of twins entering Carolina this fall as freshmen.

1 ---- The estimated number of sets of triplets entering Carolina this fall as freshmen.

39 & 13 ---- The estimated number of states (plus the District of Columbia) and countries represented in the freshman class.

164 ---- The estimated number of student-athletes in the freshman class.

984 ---- The number of students who studied abroad last year.

56 ---- The number of countries in which USC students studied abroad last year, including Spain, South Africa, Denmark and Kenya.

588,705 ---- The dollar value of study-abroad scholarships earned by USC students last year, a 51.5 percent increase from the previous year.

4,878 ---- The number of rooms in the university’s 24 residence halls and 20 homes in the Greek Village.

226 ---- The number of residence-hall mentors.

387 ---- The number of registered student organizations (52 new organizations started last year).

35 ---- The number of new Freshman Council members who will represent the largest freshman class in the university’s history.

50 ---- The number of student senators representing colleges across the university.

6 ---- The number of student government members who represent the university in Washington for meetings with elected officials during spring break.

9,200 ---- The number of students involved in Student Health Services outreach activities last year.

50,921 ---- The number of patient and client visits to Student Health Services departments last year.

2,113 ---- The number of flu shots administered by the Student Health Services last year.

29,536 ---- The number of prescriptions filled by the Student Health Services pharmacy last year.

997 ---- The number of nutrition consults on campus last year, including 951 for students.

1,371 ---- The number of screenings for body fat percentage, including 1,080 for students and 291 for faculty and staff.

14 ---- The number of registered religious workers who serve the spiritual needs of students and the university community.

31 ---- The number of religious student organizations on campus.

25 ---- The number of buses that will take freshmen to Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday, Aug.13, for First-Night Carolina.

178 ---- The number of sections of University 101. About 3,700 university freshmen are registered to take the course, which is designed to help students successfully make the transition to college life.

12,000 ---- The number of issues of The Daily Gamecock, the university’s student newspaper, delivered on campus each weekday.

17 ---- The Daily Gamecock's national ranking in the Princeton Review, out of 376 schools rated by the publication. It's the only student newspaper in the state to make the Top-20 list.

70 ---- The number of Minority Assistance Peer Program mentors, a program designed to help minority students make a smooth transition from high school to college.

80,000 ---- The number of tours and visit appointments planned for the fall 2012 class.

12,705 ---- The number of parents who are registered for the university’s Parents Association.

105 ---- The number of countries represented by international students at the university.

1,399 ---- The number of international students at all USC campuses.

58,689 ---- The number of students who attended football games during the 2010 season.

2 ---- The number of NCAA national championships won by the USC baseball team in the past two years.

40 ---- The tons of equipment housed in the weight room at the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, one of the nation’s premiere collegiate facilities of its kind.

38 ---- The number of fraternities and sororities at the University of South Carolina.

4,057 ---- The number of fraternity and sorority members on campus.

120,000 ---- The number of hours served in the community by fraternity and sorority members in 2010-11.

20 ---- The number of houses in the university’s Greek Village, where 743 residents live.

40 ---- The estimated percentage of freshmen who will participate in fraternity and sorority recruitment this fall.

1,300 ---- The number of women expected to participate in sorority recruitment this fall, an increase of nearly 200 from last year.

600,000 ---- The charity dollars raised by fraternity and sorority members last year.

146 ---- The number of trees planted in 2010-11 by Outdoor Recreation in its ongoing efforts to be a carbon-neutral department.

2,800+ ---- The number of intramural games played each year.

11,080 ---- The number of attendees during Homecoming Week 2010 events.

130 ---- The number of organizations at spring and fall Student Organization Fairs in 2010-11.











































































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