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Gov. West biographer to speak June 16 at USC


“Phil Grose has ably captured the importance and essence of my good friend John Carl West in this eminently readable biography,” Hollings said. “John led a remarkable life, from his early service as an intelligence officer during World War II through his effort late in life to have the Confederate Flag removed from the State House dome. Grose has been particularly effective in describing the important role John played as governor during a period of great racial strife, and as Jimmy Carter's ambassador to Saudi Arabia.”

It is Grose’s description of West as a person that struck Rep. Jim Clyburn.

“’Looking for Utopia’ is a most insightful and comprehensive biography of a remarkable man, my friend and mentor John C. West…,” Clyburn said. “Grose has gotten to the core of what made West a truly gifted politician: He was the perfect blend of the Southern gentleman and the determined dreamer.”

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