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Jon Huntsman Jr.
Jon Huntsman Jr.

A USC day of celebration: Spring commencement

Sotomayor advised graduates to put their whole heart into whatever they choose to pursue.

“I hope you do not measure the benefit of your education by how fast you get a first job, how much money you make, or the public importance of your position. I hope instead you measure the value of your education by how it improves the quality of your lives and the lives of those you strive to better,” she said.

Among the members of the Class of 2011 who has gotten that first job is Adam Keele, a public relations graduate of the College of Mass Communications and Information Studies. Keele, who is from Princeton, N.J., will work for a pharmaceutical marketing firm in East Brunswick, N.J.

“It feels excellent to be graduating,” he said. “I have loved my time here. It’s been a good mix of learning and fun. I feel like I grew so much as a person and developed a lot of life skills.” Best friends Bragan Mace and Meghan Tankersley, roommates during their first two years at Carolina, were having mixed feelings about graduating and saying goodbye.

Mace, an exercise science major in the Arnold School of Public Health from Palatka, Fla., is hoping to attend graduate school in genetic counseling.

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