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Jon Huntsman Jr.
Jon Huntsman Jr.

A USC day of celebration: Spring commencement

“The one thing I advise you when you start your practice, whatever that be, is what gets routine for you is a big deal to the person in front of you. Don’t ever lose sight of that,” he said.

Graham said the law can make a very uncomfortable life sometimes for those who represent interests that are not so popular or controversial.

When confronted with those moments, “Say what you believe in when it matters most,” he said. “Because when you don’t, not only do you let yourself down, you’ve let those around you -- your colleagues and client -- down.” Graham said the rule of law is the essence of the law.

“Rule of law, to me, is a simple concept that is the hardest thing in the world to accomplish,” he said. “The Rule of Law is the heart and soul because, if you find yourself in a courtroom or before a legal body, you will be judged by what you did, not who you are. Rule of law must be cherished and guarded.”

Justice Sotomayor told the graduates that every day at the court renews her passion for the law, a passion that she hopes they find in their careers.

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