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“This partnership will bring together great minds to achieve scientific and technological breakthroughs in renewable energy that can be transformed into viable business propositions,” Pastides said. “With the discovery and commercialization of new technologies and products, this center will have a positive impact on the future of hydrogen and energy research in South Carolina and beyond.”

“SRNS is extremely pleased to partner with our parent company, Fluor, and the University of South Carolina to create an endowment that will advance the business viability, route to commerce and market acceptance of technologies based on research and development with the Department of Energy,” Flowers said. “The university’s Darla Moore School of Business is a tremendous global asset and their perspectives and participation offer great promise to our companies.”

The Discovery Chair in USC’s College of Engineering and Computing will be filled by a researcher and leader in renewable energy who will create and coordinate joint research programs between USC and the Savannah River National Lab for developing technological advances in hydrogen and renewable energy technology.

These programs will range from seed-funded new initiatives proposed by USC and SRNL junior researchers to large-scale federally- and/or privately-funded initiatives involving multiple institutions and investigators, Pastides said.

“We expect these research programs to produce economically valuable intellectual property, new business opportunities and a highly educated workforce that will have an impact on the future of hydrogen and energy in the nation,” Pastides said.

The Innovation Chair in the Moore School will be a global expert in innovation, commercialization and technology transfer. The chair’s mission is to collaborate with scientists and technologists, translating discoveries from SRNS and USC into commercial applications.

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