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Super ad: VW ‘Darth Vader’ wins Cocky Award

With their cheese heads and terrible towels put away, students at the University of South Carolina have cast their votes and declared Volkswagen Passat’s “Darth Vader” this year’s Cocky Award winner for best commercial in the eighth annual Super Ad Poll.

The USC poll ended in a tie with half of 60 students in Bonnie Drewniany’s “Super Bowl Advertising” class choosing the VW spot about a little boy who believes he has magical powers. The other half chose Doritos “House Sitter,” an ad about a man who brings his roommate’s grandfather back from the dead.

Ultimately, the winner was determined by the online version of the Super Ad Poll, where other students, alumni and the community rate the commercials using the same criteria.

“This is the first time ever we have had a tie,” said Drewniany. “We saw a lot of slapstick humor last night that fell short in resonating with viewers. In the end, it was the sweet, kinder and gentler humor of VW’s ‘Darth Vader’ that people liked.”

The class gathered at Ifra/Newsplex in the SC-ETV building to critique the national ads that aired during Super Bowl XLV for likeability, persuasiveness and brand identity.

“Volkswagen had the best two ads of the night with the VW Passat with ‘mini Darth Vader’ and VW Beetle with, well, a beetle,” said Brock Henderson, a senior visual-communications major.

Senior Jonathan Williams, a political-science major, voted for Doritos. “The Doritos ad was funny and had strong brand identity,” he said.

Doritos “House Sitter” and Chrysler “Detroit Tribute” took second and third place, overall, respectively.

Lauren Bovit, a senior majoring in business, said scoring the ads helped her apply what she has learned about advertising.

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