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Guest Artist Nathan Trice of NYCís nathantrice/RITUALS works with university dancers.
Guest Artist Nathan Trice of NYCís nathantrice/RITUALS works with university dancers.

USC Dance presents an evening of Contemporary Dance

The University of South Carolina Dance Company presents an evening of “Innovative Works without Boundaries” on the Drayton Hall stage Feb. 9-12. All shows begin at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $16 for the public, $14 for military, faculty and staff and $10 for students. To reserve tickets, call 803-777-5112. To charge by phone, call 803-251-2222.

The concert will include an original work by USC dance instructor Thaddeus Davis, plus new pieces by guest artist Tanya Wideman-Davis and guest choreographer Nathan Trice. Students from the Dance Education Program will also perform David Parsons’ “Parsons Etude,” a piece the dancers are also using as teaching tool in their work with area high-school students.

Scheduled performances include the following: “Let the Fools Stand in Line,” by Thaddeus Davis; “Gold Dusk,” by Nathan Trice, “Parsons Etude,” by David Parsons; and an untitled work by Tanya Wideman-Davis.

Thaddeus Davis says the concert highlights the innovative work being undertaken by the dance program.

“Just like the scientists on campus who are busting atoms and the like, we are doing conceptual movement research in the dance program,” he said. “We are not just making pretty dances to entertain. We are taking opportunities to explore movement ideas and human relationships via the art form. That's really the significance of what's been going on here.”

For more information on “Innovative Works without Boundaries,” contact Kevin Bush at 803-777-9353.

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'Innovative Works without Boundaries'

  • What: USC Dance concert
  • Who: USC dance instructor Thaddeus Davis, guest artist Tanya Wideman-Davis, guest choreographer Nathan Trice to contribute works
  • When: Feb. 9-12, 7:30 nightly
  • Where: Drayton Hall

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