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BASF Fuel Cell supports University of South Carolina study

A University of South Carolina scientist has received a $320,000 grant from BASF Fuel Cell GmbH/Inc. to support research on high-temperature fuel cells.

Dr. Brian Benicewicz, the Center for Economic Excellence endowed chair in Polymer Nanocomposite Research, said the BASF award continues a decade of support for his research in the field of fuel-cell membranes, which often are considered the “heart” of fuel cells. “It’s an excellent partnership and a model for future industry-university relationships,” he said.

Benicewicz is known for his work in developing fuel-cell membranes that function at temperatures higher than most. This results in a fuel-cell system that is more durable and longer lasting. His research with BASF has resulted in the development of fuel-cell units that are being used in homes in Europe and portable power devices around the world.

He also is well known for his work in polymer nanocomposites, for which he designs new materials for electronics, optical, and other industrial applications.

Before joining the university’s chemistry and Nanocenter faculty last year, Benicewicz was director of the N.Y. State Center for Polymer Synthesis and a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

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