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University archaeologist Dr. Al Goodyear, Topper dig site featured in American Archaeology

University of South Carolina archaeologist Dr. Albert Goodyear and his research on Clovis and pre-Clovis Paleo-Indian culture at the Topper dig site in Allendale are featured in the winter issue of American Archaeology, one of the premiere popular publications for archaeology in the United States.

The magazine article is the latest in a string of accolades for Goodyear. His research was featured in the August/September issue of Science Illustrated and was the subject of “Finding Clovis,” a South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) documentary that included interviews with Dennis Stanford from the Smithsonian Institute and geophysicist Dr. Allen West.

In late 2009, Goodyear and the Topper site will be the subject of an hour-long documentary in the new PBS’ series, “Time Team America.” The series features British producer Graham Dixon and is based largely on Dixon’s successful British “Time Team” series. The PBS crew, which comprised archaeologists, scientists and 20 production members, conducted research and filmed at Topper last June.

Goodyear is best known for his excavations at the famed Topper site, located along the Savannah River on the property of the Clariant Co. in Allendale County. He has been conducting research there since 1998, unearthing myriad tools from the Clovis people as well as micro-lithic tools from a pre-Clovis people who lived in South Carolina before the last ice age, some 50,000 plus years ago.

His findings continue to capture international media attention and put the archaeology field in flux, opening scientific minds to the possibility of even earlier pre-Clovis occupation of the Americas. Goodyear’s Topper dig is open to public participation; excavation is done each May and early June.

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