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Established in 2004, the digital collections department is one of the most dynamic areas of University Libraries. By creating digital versions of select materials from the University Libraries’ rare and special collections and making them available online, the Digital Collections staff preserves materials and provides greater access to collections for scholarly research and public use.

More than 60 online collections, featuring more than 60,000 items, have been produced and made available for public use. All items are freely accessible and searchable via the digital-collections website:

The Hollings Library provides greater space and resources for staff members to continue their work to make new collections accessible online every day. The new library provides more space for working and storage and more equipment for digitizing materials. A specially designed room was created to house a Zeutschel scanner, the only one of its kind in the United States. The overhead scanner, which is used for digitizing large format materials, will be used to digitize materials from array of collections, including the extensive William Gilmore Simms collection.

Digital-collections staff work with academic departments on the Columbia campus, including faculty in history, biology and anthropology, as well as libraries on USC’s eight campuses, to digitize materials. Staff members also work with the South Carolina Digital Library to develop standards and help smaller institutions with the digitization process.

The Hollings Library was designed with the future in mind, particularly for the digital collections department, which has dedicated space for growth and future technological innovation.

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