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From Jaime Misenheimer's painting 'Echidna'
From Jaime Misenheimer's painting 'Echidna'

Art alumna exhibits her work in Athens, Greece


Misenheimer didn't begin her paintings in Greece, but she did make extensive drawings during her trip that became the blueprints for her work.

"When I was there, I was drawing constantly," she said. "I made friends with the people at the Kerameikos, which is smaller and more personable than the big museums. I would also draw all the time: on the bus, when I was with friends I met there, at the beach.

"Being in Greece and observing the culture gave me a whole other angle for my paintings," she said. "It was an amazing opportunity."

"Being in Greece...gave me a whole other angle for my paintings."

For the exhibit, Misenheimer created pieces that were smaller than her usual work to accommodate the library's gallery size and to make the paintings easier to transport. "I can roll them up and carry them on the plane with me," she said.

After the exhibit, Misenheimer will travel to Umbria, Italy, to work as a program assistant at the International School of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture for the rest of the summer. The University's art department maintains a study abroad program with the school. When she returns, Misenheimer will apply for graduate school to concentrate in painting. She'd also like to show the works from the American School exhibit in Columbia.

While at Carolina, Misenheimer worked on her Magellan Research Grant with Pam Bowers, an instructor in studio art who works in painting and mixed media. Bowers and David Voros, an assistant professor of painting in studio art, encouraged Misenheimer throughout her undergraduate career.

"They really helped me," Misenheimer said. "USC has given me some really great opportunities."

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