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Syllabus Templates


Syllabus calendar templates and course outline templates for MWF and TTH class schedules each semester can make your work easier! Registrar dates for session code C002 are included.


Course Outline format with "Date, Assignment, Due Date" headings and Calendar Style showing the whole semester

Summer and Fall 2015 Templates

• Registrar dates for standard 2015 Summer Sessions A-H are included
• Please consult the Registrar's website for any changes to the summer session dates.

Any Semester

Sample Statements

Syllabus statements are the first step in communicating expectations with students. These statements are consistent with policies and procedures related to teaching.

Video Archive

Workshops and Seminars

We sponsor engaging events that support continuous improvement in teaching. Through these events we share best practices and support a campus culture that rewards and values teaching.


Past events are recorded and available through the Video Archive. Topics include:

  • Award Winning USC Faculty
  • Online Teaching
  • Classroom Technology
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Learning Styles
  • Outcomes and Assessment
  • Teaching Evaluations
  • Faculty Issues

Teaching Guide

Our Teaching Guide provides resources to help with preparation, in-class teaching and course assessment. Topics include:

  • Course Development
  • Assessment
  • Good Teaching
  • Technology
  • Accessibility

7 Ways To Make Your Class Accessible

Here’s a guide to seven simple steps you can take to make your online materials accessible and user-friendly for students with disabilities.