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Adobe Connect Professional is a server-based software package with two basic components:

  • Live Meeting, which can be recorded for asynchronous viewing.
  • Presenter, which allows you to easily put voice over PowerPoint and publish the recording to a URL for student viewing.

For the Live Meeting all you need is a high speed Internet connection, Flash Player and a microphone (and Web camera if you want to be seen). Students need a high speed Internet service and the Flash Player download - that’s all. However, if you want students to be seen and heard instead of just using the chat area, they too will need a microphone and/or Web camera. This allows you to have a real-time on-line meeting and is perfect for the distance-education instructor or to conduct statewide (or further) video conferences. Students, faculty, or staff attending the class or presentation can chat while the conference is in progress and the presenter can answer questions by chatting backing or through a verbal discussion. Sessions can be archived and viewed at a later time.USC hosts its own Breeze server at (no www). This is where you go to Login and start using Live Meeting.

For Presenter, you simply download a plugin for MS Office and record right in PowerPoint. You’ll need the free download and a microphone.

Reviewing these seven steps may provide more opportunities to you and your students.

1.Online Office Hours

Online office hours...convenience for you and your students. While you are holding your office hours, why not be online too? Using the Adobe Connect Meeting component setting up an online meeting area to answer students’ questions is just as easy as answering their questions face-to-face (F2F). All the students need is an Internet connection and the URL you provide them (i.e., listed in your syllabus) when you initially set up the meeting area.

2. Online Class Meetings

Online class meeting can be used for traditional and online classes. Using the Adobe Connect Meeting component allows you to set up online classes easily. You can have students "meet you" in the meeting room and you can record the class as well. Therefore, if any student was absent, he/she can watch the recorded class meeting to learn from the discussion. You can use a Web camera and microphone or just use the chat area to provide course content in an online environment. You can share documents or your desktop and include many other features in your online class meeting.

3. Online Guest Speakers

Using guest speakers helps develop a connection between your content and the real world. However, many times it’s difficult to arrange for guest speakers to present in your class due to scheduling difficulties. Using the Adobe Connect Meeting component, your guest speakers can present online live and be recorded for future viewings. All the guest speaker needs is an Internet connection, Web camera and microphone.

4. Student Presentations

Who says students can’t present in an online class? Of course they can. Using the Adobe Connect Meeting component you can set up a meeting area in which students can present information using a PowerPoint or any software they have loaded on their computer. If students have a Web camera and microphone you will be able to see them as well as hear them. Students can share documents or their desktop during the presentation. These presentations can also be recorded for future viewing.

5. Enhance Interaction.

It is significant to learn how to teach effectively online, so instructors and students can interact through multiple levels: S2S (student to student), S2I (student to instructor), and I2S (instructor to student). Using a tool like Adobe Connect Professional allows for interaction synchronously and asynchronously. Students and faculty can ask questions, participate in a discussion or brainstorming session and effectively interact online using the Adobe Connect Meeting component.

6. Connect with Colleagues Worldwide.

Collaborate with your colleagues in real time environment through the Adobe Connect Professional Meeting component. If you research with colleagues and need to edit a manuscript for publication or simply discuss a grant or research idea, you can do this through a synchronous meeting you set up through Adobe Connect Professional. With a Web cam and microphone you can both be heard and seen and view documents at the same time. Travel can be reduced and money can be saved through this effort.

7. Record Voice Over PowerPoint

Adobe Presenter is an optional plug-in for Windows that provides an easy means of adding narration to PowerPoint presentations.A Macintosh version is not available.

Using the Adobe Connect Presenter component you can easily record your voice over PowerPoint presentations. Pre-recording your presentations to allow students to watch them before coming to class provides more time in class for discussion and enhanced learning.

Adobe Presenter also provides an easy way to embed Flash objects, such as Flash video, animations, and Captivate as well as various video file formats.You can also include notes so that students can refer to additional information while listening and watching your presentation.

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