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Teaching Excellence Workshop: Teaching and Evaluating Critical Thinking

Ed Neal
Director of Faculty Development, Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
October 16, 2008


Most of us want our students to think critically about the subject matter that we teach, but the issue of "content coverage" seems to stand in the way.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn to identify the distinctions between categories of thinking skills
  • Explore the strategies used in critical thinking
  • Identify teaching approaches that facilitate the development of higher-order thinking
  • Learn methods for evaluating critical thinking using traditional and non-traditional assessment techniques

Critical thinking is dynamic and engaging and doesn’t have to compromise covering content! This workshop will help you integrate critical thinking strategies into your classes.

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Ed Neal began his college teaching career in 1968 as a professor of Russian history. In 1978, he created the first faculty development program at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Currently, as Director of Faculty Development in the UNC Center for Teaching and Learning, he is responsible for programs that help faculty members and graduate students become more effective teachers. As an adjunct faculty member in Education, Nursing, Dentistry, and Communication Studies, he teaches graduate and post-doctoral courses in college teaching and higher education pedagogy. He is also active in regional and national faculty development organizations. He is the editor of The Journal of Faculty Development and serves on the editorial boards of The National Teaching and Learning Forum and Innovative Higher Education.

This Teaching Excellence Seminar was sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence and the College of Arts and Sciences.

This Teaching Excellence Workshop is sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence and the College of Arts and Sciences.

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