• Ann Janosik
  • Conversation Partners Program Co-Coordinator,
  • TEFL/Intercultural Studies

  • Check back Spring 2013 for next session.
  • Do you want to improve your American accent?


Do you want to improve your American accent? Would accent reduction help you communicate with your students and colleagues? Are you a full-time faculty member who teaches at any USC campus, and are interested in receiving professional accent reduction training at no cost while interacting with your peers? If yes, the Center for Teaching Excellence may be able to help.

Throughout the course, faculty will receive professional, individualized training in an interactive environment designed to improve English pronunciation. The course will begin with a pronunciation diagnostic, followed by instruction and practice. Participants will receive an American Accent Training textbook and a handheld voice recorder for practice. Participants will also be filmed and given a one-on-one diagnostic and pronunciation counseling session along with a copy of the diagnostic DVD. The course will conclude with a pronunciation diagnostic to summarize progress.