Grad 701


The Graduate School and SACS Accreditation standards require that all graduate students who will be newly appointed Teaching or Instructional Assistants (GTAs/IAs) during the 2014-2015 academic year must participate in a two-part training program that includes: (1) TA/IA Orientation, and (2) GRAD 701, a semester-long course on teaching assistant development.

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  • For questions concerning TA Orientation or GRAD 701, contact:

  • Dr. Michelle L. Hardee, Program Manager, or 803-777-1975
  • For questions concerning International students and English testing requirements, contact:

  • English Programs for Internationals (EPI) or
    803-777-3867 or for more detailed information, visit ITA Workshop and Assessment

  • International Student Services (ISS) or

Teaching Assistant Development Course

Two options are offered for fulfilling the requirement of participating in a Teaching Assistant Development course:

Student must register for either GRAD 701 or an equivalent course offered by their academic unit that has been approved by the Graduate School. See below for information on the approved departmental-specific exceptions to GRAD 701.

1. GRAD 701 - Teaching Assistant Development

General Course Information:

  • 1-semester, zero-credit course (no tuition), pass-fail grading.
  • Registration for GRAD 701 occurs through during USC's open registration (see registration and information link below).)
  • Students are required to participate in a minimum of four professional development activities (two of which may be online), which can be tailored to the student's specific type of instruction. (instructor of record, laboratory assistant, recitation leader, discussion leader, grader, or student-designed track.
    • A wide variety of activities are provided to fulfill this requirement: GRAD 701-specific sessions, general CTE Workshops and other academic unit instructional workshops (as approved by the TA Training Program Manager).
  • Satisfactory course completion requires submission of a reflection activity assignment for each of the four activities in which the student participated.
  • Course administration and submission of assignments occurs via Blackboard.
  • GTA/IAs who do not complete the course requirements will be assigned an "Unsatisfactory" (Failing) grade which will be permanently recorded on their transcript.

2. Approved Departmental GRAD 701-Equivalent Courses:

Certain departments offer official instructional training courses that can be used in lieu of GRAD 701, to fulfill this portion of the TA Training requirement. Please contact the respective department's Graduate Coordinator for more information on these GRAD 701 equivalent courses.

  • The Graduate School has approved the following departmental courses as GRAD 701-equivalent: EDCE 830, EDHE 738, ENGL 691, FORL 776, HRTM 798, JOUR 805, PHIL 790, SLIS 804, SPTE 810.
  • Registration for either the departmental equivalent or special section GRAD 701 course occurs through during open registration.

3. GRAD 701 Registration

Go to to register for GRAD 701. Special sections of GRAD 701 have been designated for units who have specialized TA Training programs approved as equivalent to GRAD 701 requirements but do not wish to develop a new course.

Grad 701 Section registration restrictions:

  • 001: All Departments
  • 002: All Departments
  • 003: School of Business MACC GIA's only
  • 004: English Department Writing Center GIA Tutors only
  • 005: Chemistry 701 GIA's only
  • 006: English Discussion Leaders TAs only

Orientation Workshops

Graduate Teaching and Instructional Assistants must participate in both TA/IA Orientation Workshops A & B prior to assuming their instructional responsibilities. TA/IA Orientation workshops are separate from Grad 701. Click Here to visit the TA Orientation page for more information.