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You play a key role in encouraging students to envision their future — education, career, service activities, family, fun, friends, community life. We appreciate everything you do to support your students as they consider applying to the University of South Carolina.

Freshman Credentials

Letters of Recommendation: We ask that students not send letters of recommendation unless they are applying to South Carolina Honors College. Letters of recommendation ARE NOT REQUIRED for general university admissions consideration. Honors College applicants must have two letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf. We prefer recommenders complete the Honors College Recommendation form generated by USC's online application. Students are advised to have the name and email address of each recommender while completing the Honors portion of the application. This will help the writer submit the recommendation in a more timely fashion. If the letters are mailed, then they must include “ATTN: Honors College Processing” on the envelope to ensure delivery. US Mail is our least preferred method of delivery since it slows processing time.

Counselor Evaluation Forms: We prefer that you either complete the Counselor Evaluation Form generated by USC’s online application or a Secondary School Report Form sent via Parchment/Naviance. Alternatively, you may mail an evaluation letter, but this is our least preferred method of delivery since it slows processing time.


Sample the range of USC services for counselors in the 2013 Guidance Counselor Breakfast Presentation (PDF). This large file may take a few minutes to download.

Review information about requirements for first-year students and AP/IB credit. Be sure to use our counselor evaluation form (PDF) for fall 2015 freshman applicants to USC from your school.

When you have questions about USC or the ways our programs may fit potential students from your school, our Admissions team can help you find the information you need.

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for assistance.

USC Majors

With 95 undergraduate degrees in 15 colleges, your high school students can create the USC academic program that meets their needs.

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USC Scholarships

USC Scholarships

Based on merit, need and resident status, the state of South Carolina, the University and many of our academic colleges and departments offer a variety of scholarship opportunities.

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Freshman requirements for University of South Carolina

Freshman requirements

Review USC's requirements for freshman admission.

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USC Application Deadlines


Keep your students on track by reviewing our application deadlines and notification schedule.

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