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GLD Requirements

Students wishing to pursue Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD) must complete the following general requirements (in addition to the requirements for their intended pathway):

1. Before proceeding forward with GLD, you must complete the online orientation session through Blackboard.

2. After completing the orientation session, you will be prompted to register your intent to pursue GLD. This registration must be completed no later than one semester prior to your intended graduation date; however, students are encouraged to complete registration as early as possible.

3. Students wishing to receive Graduation with Leadership Distinction must meet a minimum 3.0 GPA at the time of graduation.

4. Fill out the Graduation with Leadership Distinction Experience Record & Application.

Once you have chosen your pathway for GLD, you should begin working toward fulfilling the requirements for your intended pathway. You may count experiences/coursework completed prior to registering for GLD toward the fulfillment of the pathway requirements; however, all experiences/coursework must have been completed during the timespan of your degree at the University of South Carolina. You may not double count experiences/coursework toward the fulfillment of more than one pathway.