Summer 2014
OneCarolina staff hits 60, maintains consistency from first phase
 July 28, 2014

IT is a competitive industry, with turnover more often the norm than the exception. Keeping that in mind, it’s especially important for an ERP implementation like OneCarolina to not only attract quality people with experience and the ability to work in a fast-paced, milestone-driven environment, but to ensure that those hires stay see through go-live and (hopefully) beyond.

It’s good news, then, that there are now more than 60 full-time, dedicated staff working on OneCarolina’s second phase, which represents a significant increase since the first phase of the project concluded late last year.

What’s even better, the team has been able to keep core contributors from the project’s first phase and move them into similar roles for Phase II. For example, the infrastructure team includes several seasoned OneCarolinians, including lead John Graham. In addition, Kristine Sunda, the project’s development lead, also held the same position during Phase I. And when you include stalwarts like Project Director Bob Swab and Program Manager Brad Holt, you suddenly have a significant portion of the OneCarolina leadership team that’s been with the project since it formally kicked off in early 2010.

 “While we feel good about where we are right now, we aren’t opposed to continuing to add more people as needs arise,” said Project Manager Howard Haynes.

And OneCarolina leaders are upfront when they characterize what it is they’re looking for in staff members.

“Similar to how we found seasoned staff with Banner experience for the project’s first phase, we’ve also been able to find staff with real-world PeopleSoft experience, which is a huge plus for us as we hit the ground running,” said Project Director Bob Swab. “Every additional set of eyes we can get on our new system is helpful – especially those who have been there and done that before."


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