Summer 2012
OneCarolina Staffing Additions Paying Dividends
 June 26, 2012

One conclusion that was reached after OneCarolina’s schedule was extended into 2013 was that the project simply needed more full-time, dedicated personnel. 

So, project leaders took action.

And since that time, the number of people working on OneCarolina has increased by approximately 40 percent.

Stan Lawrimore, OneCarolina’s technical lead, recently spoke to some of these changes and the ways in which the project has benefited from them.  

Q: Have these additional hires helped the OneCarolina project, and in what ways?

Stan Lawrimore: The hiring of Banner knowledgeable staff dedicated to the project has enabled our infrastructure and development teams to make significant progress. We now have solid environments for testing and production, as well as programming changes needed for the Admissions offices.

You specifically mentioned staff knowledgeable with Banner. So making that decision to pinpoint those with Banner experience sounds like it has paid off. Can you go into any more detail about this?

We would not be able to complete our project schedule in the time frame needed if we had not made the decision for hiring knowledgeable dedicated staff.

We have a group of talented and dedicated individuals working on the project, but it’s important to remember that everyone, whether they have institutional knowledge or Banner knowledge, has a learning curve.  In order to be effective, their knowledge has to be built in both directions.

Are there plans to continue to add staff? If so, in which areas?

Our goal is to continue working the plan with an emphasis on knowledge transfer. If the project uncovers areas we need additional support, we will take the necessary actions to be successful.


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