Spring 2012
Monthly Status Updates Open to All
 April 4, 2012

OneCarolina is opening the door.

As part of an effort to shed more light on the multi-year overhaul of the University’s suite of legacy systems, OneCarolina leadership is hosting monthly update meetings available to anyone within the University who wants to keep tabs on the progress of the project.

Held every fourth Monday of the month at University Technology Services, the OneCarolina monthly status meetings will serve as a forum for functional and project leads to give updates on the project’s progress as it gets closer to Admissions implementation in July. It will also be an opportunity for anyone in the audience – whether they’re associated with the project or not – to ask questions of those leading the effort.

“Because we value being open and transparent, we felt it was a good idea to end each meeting with a panel of project leaders who take questions from the audience,” said Project Director Bob Swab.

Not only will those interested be able to attend the forum in person, but it will be available via webcast and recorded.

Specific details for each meeting will be posted on www.sc.edu/onecarolina the week before the meeting. 


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