University of South Carolina

OneCarolina forges ahead with updates

OneCarolina's most recent update – which went live last week - added a host of new capabilities aimed at further stabilizing its production environment for university faculty and staff.

With Release 1.13, finishing touches were put on the conversion of general student and academic history records to work with Internet Native Banner and Self Service Carolina, the two most heavily used applications implemented by OneCarolina. The general student record is what’s created when a prospective student accepts USC’s offer of admissions, while the academic history record begins once a student starts earning grades for classes. These records follow students through their entire college career and are required to be accurate to register for classes and pay fees.

This most recent update also included the integration of online directory along with a patch for the financial aid system.

Meanwhile, the project team already has its sights set on Release 1.14, which is being tested in preparation for its scheduled release in October.

1.14 contains a number of script enhancements, making it easier for some important processes to run automatically and at specified times. OneCarolina uses a job scheduling application called UC4 to manage its workload and populate data to the central database. UC4 makes it possible to automate many of the processes that are required to run on a regular basis. Not only does this kind of automation control make it easier for staff to access important data as needs arise, it also solidifies the process schedule so that things like outages and maintenance windows can be scheduled appropriately.

And there's yet another update slated for later this year, Release 1.15, for which testing is scheduled to begin in late September.

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