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OneCarolina Holds Data Migration Session (July 28, 2010)

OneCarolina has conducted a seminar and planning session to look at data conversion and migration issues as part of the Project's planning phase. Twenty-five participants from key administrative and technical groups joined in discussions on converting information from the University's current data storage systems to the proposed SunGard Higher Education Banner administrative system.

The University currently stores most of its administrative records on an IBM mainframe system. However, many campuses and departments have information stored in seperate databases in multiple locations. The OneCarolina Project plans to migrate much of this information to a unified database that will be accessible through the Banner administrative system.

The process of moving the data from multiple databases to a unified system is called conversion and migration. Data must be converted from existing database formats into a common format the Banner system can read. The process must also address what active data should be moved, and what historical data needs to be converted and archived.

The Data Conversion and Migration seminar was facilitated by Joe Langevin, technical consultant from SunGard HE. Langevin led the group through a typical conversion and migration process, and then moderated discovery sessions that focused on OneCarolina's unique issues and challenges. Topics included mainframe data migration, identification of other systems, and possible migration strategies.

Another issue examined by the group was assuring the accuracy of the data that is migrated. Information being transferred from multiple databases may contain redundant data or similar data in different formats. Any migration strategy must include a process called data cleansing, that weeds out unnecessary or duplicate information. The group discussed a variety of approaches to data cleansing as part of the migration process to the new Banner system.

A summary of the findings will be presented to OneCarolina for data conversion and migration strategy planning in the coming weeks.

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