Submissions Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work for the consideration of the Palmetto Poetry Series. The series is open to poets in or from South Carolina and/or to manuscripts rooted in South Carolina people, places, things, and themes. Manuscripts must be book-length (a minimum of 48 pages). Given the robust responses to open submissions period, submissions are closed for now. Due to the high volume of submissions, any proposals or manuscripts received outside of the designated open submissions period will be automatically declined. When submissions reopen at a future date, please follow the guidelines below.

To have a project considered for the Palmetto Poetry Series, please submit the following:

— A cover letter that briefly describes the collection (scope, purpose, and length), explains how it is appropriate for the Palmetto Poetry Series, and outlines any past publications of poems appearing in the collection.

— The complete manuscript (of no fewer than 48 and no more than 120 typed pages).

— The poet's current curriculum vitae or résumé.

All projects must meet the approval of the series editor and editorial board, external peer reviewers (when required) and the USC Press Committee to gain approval for a publishing contract.

The Palmetto Poetry Series is not presently soliciting single poems for multi-author edited anthologies. Only book-length collections by a single poet meeting the series criteria above will be considered.

Submissions should be sent by email or post to:
Palmetto Poetry Series
University of South Carolina Press
1600 Hampton Street, 5th Floor
Columbia SC 29208

Please note that hardcopy submission packets can only be returned if submitted with a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough for the manuscript.