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USC Connect

Submit New Beyond the Classroom Experiences

Beyond the Classroom experiences are an important component of USC Connect.

Please login and use this vehicle to submit information about beyond the classroom experiences in your area to increase awareness of your offerings. Experiences will feed into a searchable database, and users will be able to search by categories such as opportunity type, college/school/dept., or keyword. Please be as clear and concise as possible when creating titles and descriptions.

Contact Natalie Smith-Kenner at 777-6242 or

Login Help

Please login with your university assigned network username and password. If you are unsure what your username and password are, this can be determined by the following steps:

  • Login to VIP -
  • Select "Technology" from the menu on the left
  • Select "Show Me Network Username"
  • This page will show you your USC network username
  • It will also include a place to type in a new password (Most of the time the system will let you re-use your old password. You will just need to enter it here again.)
  • After setting your password, wait 2-3 minutes and login to this system with the username listed on the VIP page along with your newly set password

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