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Rules for moving Spamscore: ssss email to a junk folder for Outlook Web Access

UTS recommends that you use Internet Explorer for this task.  Otherwise, you will not have access to menu items.

  1. Go to and log in with your USC ID and password.

  2. Locate the icons in the left frame.  They may be very small under the folders list.  To make them larger, click on the up arrow ….Δ….

  3.  Locate the listing for “Rules” (or the “Go to Rules” icon), and click on it.  The Rules window will appear in the right frame.

  4.  At the top of the Rules window is a toolbar. Locate the New button, and click on it.  The Edit Rule window will be displayed.  

  5. Click once in the text box to the right of “Rule Name”.  This will place the cursor in the box.  Type in: spamscore rule.

  6. Under the section, “When a message arrives”, click in the text box to the right of “Subject contains”. Type in: spamscore

  7. Under the Then section, be sure the radial button is marked next to “Move to the specified folder”.

  8. Click on the blue “specified” in that line.  This will open the Move/Copy Item window, and display a folder list.

  9. Click once on the listing for the Junk E-mail folder.  This will highlight it.

  10. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the Move/Copy window.  You will be returned to the Edit Rule window.  The sentence next to the radial button should now read:  “Move it to the Junk E-mail folder”.   

  11. To complete your rule, locate the Save and Close button in the toolbar at the top of the Edit Rule window, and click on it

  12. You will receive a Webpage Dialog message.  Click on OK to continue.  

  13. You will be returned to the Rules window.  The new rule should be listed as “spamscore”.  

  14. At the top of the Rules window, locate the Save and Close button in the toolbar, and click on it.  You will be returned to the Outlook Web Access email listing.

You have now created a rule to send all emails with the word “spamscore” in the subject to your Junk email folder in Outlook.  This will also apply to variations of the word (such as SpamScore: ssss).  You can test this rule by sending yourself an email with the subject line SpamScore: ssss.  When this email comes in, it should automatically be routed to your Junk E-mail folder.  
Remember to check your Junk E-mail folder every now and then to be sure important email has not been routed there.  
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