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How-To: Create and Share Calendars with MS Outlook        PRINTER FRIENDLY

How to create a new calendar for other users to share
In this example, Ned Nash creates a Special Events calendar. 

  1. Open the calendar
  2. Select New->Calendar

  3. Enter the name for the new calendar.  The calendar will be created and appear as an additional calendar within the list of available calendars.

  4.  Invite others to share the calendar by right-clicking on the calendar name and selecting ‘Share’ from the drop-down menu.

  5. A mail message will be generated to invite others to share the calendar.  The default permissions are read-only.  A check box is provided to allow the recipient permissions to add, edit, and delete items instead.  Simply enter the names of persons in the To field, or select the names from the address book and send the message.

  6. When the recipient opens the e-mail, he/she will have the option open the calendar.   The calendar will appear as an option under Calendars in the recipient’s mailbox.  If the recipient chooses not to view the shared calendar, he/she may uncheck the box next to that calendar name.

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