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How-To: Configure Conference Rooms with MS Outlook        PRINTER FRIENDLY

How to Configure the Conference Room

  1.  Login to Outlook with the conference room account and the conference room profile.
  2. Select the Calendar in the Navigation Pane.
  3. Select Tools->Options .

  4. Select Calendar Options

  5. Select Free/Busy Options

  6. Choose a brief interval for free/busy updates, for example, 5 minutes and select OK.

  7. Select the Options to automatically accept and automatically decline when busy.  Then select “Set Permissions.”

  8. Configure the person responsible for the conference room to be the owner by selecting ‘Add’ and selecting that person’s name from the Address Book.  Select ‘Owner” for permission level.  For example, Ned Nash is the owner for this conference room.  You may configure multiple owners .  Owners have full rights to the conference room calendar.

  9. Then Add COUTSD-UTS-ALL –STAFF as authors so that all UTS staff can book the conference room.  Then select APPLY and then select OK for each dialog box until the calendar options are complete.

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