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OSP Benefits

Students selected for the Opportunity Scholars Program must sign and return a Memorandum of Understanding that indicates their willingness to participate in the program and comply with its conditions. They are also asked to attend one of the University’s Freshman Orientation sessions during the summer.

Students will take courses offered by OSP instructors during their freshman year: all are part of the regular USC curriculum and count toward graduation. Fall courses include:

  • English 101
  • English 102
  • History 102
  • Psychology 101
  • University 101
  • Math 111
  • Math 122
  • Math 115
  • Speech 140
  • FINA 101

Spring courses include:

  • English 102
  • English 285
  • History 112
  • Math 122
  • Math 141
  • Math 170
  • Speech 140
  • FINA 101

Students can enroll in other USC courses if they desire; however, tuition reduction only applies to OSP courses.

During Move-In Weekend in August, the OSP staff conducts a required pre-semester orientation for students and parents. Details about this event are mailed to students in July.


OSP Benefits

  • Financial support through the Gamecock Guarantee
  • Smaller freshman classes taught by a team of instructors who work to promote students’ academic development
  • Reduced tuition for courses taught by OSP instructors
  • Cultural enrichment and mentoring activities
  • Academic and career advisement
  • Academic and financial group work and tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Eligibility for additional scholarships
  • Introductions and guidance for research and study abroad opportunities