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Arnold School of Public Health

Move Benefits

This move will mean that the COMD department and the Clinic will be housed together on campus for the first time in the COMD department’s history. It will also bring all COMD faculty together in one space within the department. The move will end the annual rental fees and add approximately 4,000 square feet, which will make additional benefits possible. 

Additional Benefits 

  • Offer substantially more space for students to learn, prepare for their clients, study together, etc.
  • Provide additional and different size clinical rooms to help meet specific clinical needs.
  • Provide a welcoming and professional waiting area for clients and their families, including a designated space for child play.
  • Provide faculty with additional research lab space. The majority of COMD faculty now have one or more federal grants, yet currently do not have the lab space in which to conduct and manage those grant projects.
  • Provide a separate waiting area for research participants who come to COMD to be part of a faculty research project.
  • Provide dedicated rooms for research participant testing.
  • Provide a centralized area for department administrative services (e.g., graduate program director, department administrative personnel, department chair), providing greater ease for students requiring those services.
  • Provide a dedicated space for department/faculty meetings and distance education advising.

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