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Arnold School of Public Health

Opportunities for Students

Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program
Dr. Werfel has opportunities for undergraduates who are interested in communication sciences and disorders to complete a mentored research project in the lab. Funding is available from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for project. Contact Dr. Werfel for more information.

Students interested in learning more about written language, how spoken language influences written language, and how disorders of language and/or hearing impact written language are encouraged to volunteer in the lab. Volunteers get hands-on experience with all stages of the research process, including research development, data collection, data analysis, and presenting results. Contact Dr. Werfel for more information.

Magellan Scholars
Undergraduate students can apply with Dr. Werfel to USC’s Magellan Scholars [link to] program. Each Magellan Scholar receives up to $3000 to help fund a research project. Funds can be used for salary, materials, and/or travel. Projects can be mentor-designed (you work on one of my current projects), student-generated (we develop a study based on your interests or a question you have), service-learning research, or research abroad. Contact Dr. Werfel for more information.

Paid Positions
Occasionally, the Written Language Lab has paid research assistant positions to work on specific research projects. Paid positions are typically offered to individuals who have previously volunteered in the lab and demonstrated responsibility and interest in the lab’s work.

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