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Multifactor Authenticaton (MFA)

In order to comply with the Minimum Security Standards, the University will require a multifactor authentication tool, called DUO, to login to most systems (including Blackboard).  On June 5th, faculty, staff and students will only be allowed to login to USC systems with multifactor authentication.  Below are instruction on setting up and testing your multifactor authentication.  Please contact if you need additional assistance.

Additional information about multifactor authentication and DUO can be found on the SecureCarolina Technologies website.

Claim your VIP ID

  • Claim your VIP ID
    • Complete the form
      • If it says you already claimed your VIP ID, please proceed to the next step, "Install DUO Mobile"
    • Answer the security question
    • Click submit
  • If you do not know your VIP ID please login with your USC (Blackboard) username and password at Self Service Carolina

Install DUO Mobile on your Smart Phone

  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone
  • Search for "DUO"
    Duo Mobile Icon
  • Install the application

Setup DUO Security

  • After configuring your Security question
  • Go to Multifactor Setup
    • Login using your USC username (Blackboard) and password
    • Answer the security question and press submit
  • Enter the phone number of the device you want to configure.
    • Select if it is a mobile or landline number
    • If it is a mobile phone, select the operating system from the dropdown menu.
    • Click "Add Phone"
  • Click Activate
  • When you enroll using a smartphone, a QR Code will appear
    • Open the DUO Mobile app on your smartphone and tape the + button at the top of the screen.
      • Scan the QR Code and select "Continue"
    • Once you activate DUO Mobile on your smartphone, pay close attention to your computer screen.

Testing DUO Security

  • Go to Multifactor Setup
    • Login using your USC username (Blackboard) and password
    • Answer the security question and press submit
  • Select "Test Your Multifactor Authentication" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Login using your USC username (Blackboard) and password
  • The next screen will give you three options:
    • "Send me a Push"the notification will appear on your smartphone similar to a text message.  Open the notification or DUO Mobile and select "Approve".
    • "Call Me"-DUO Mobile will call the specified phone number and ask you to press 1
    • "Passcode"-will allow you to enter in a one time use passcode from the DUO Mobile app
  • Once authenticated, it should automatically load a new page