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August 2017

Kappa Psi Attends Summer Conclave

On Saturday, June 3rd 2017, the brothers of Kappa Psi attended their Atlantic Province Summer Con-clave hosted by South Uni-versity in Columbia, SC. They joined together in fellowship with 15 other chapters across the southeast and were able to network with those who stayed in Columbia for the extended weekend at venues such as Grill Marks, Tin Roof, and Social. Dur-ing the Saturday assembly, the brothers attended an interactive instructional class to work on ways to increase recruitment. Fol-lowing the class, there was a pill counting race, talent 

show, a special Graduate Ritual, and dinner at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center that recognized deserving chap-ters from their province who have put forth significant effort in providing a perfect example of what individual Kappa Psi chap-ters strive to accomplish through their strong broth-erhood. 

Kappa Psi will be hosting a few events for interested new guys to attend, 

including a Low Country Boil fol-lowed by the Mayweather/McGregor boxing match at the Kappa Psi House on Satur-day, August 26th at 7:00 pm at 202 Gadsden Street, Columbia, SC 29201. In the fall, the brothers of Kappa Psi will be giving back to the community by helping with Habitat for Humanity along with other philanthropy opportunities. 

Those who ordered P1 drug cards will receive them in lab in a few weeks. Later in the fall, Kappa Psi will also be selling Dietary Supplement card sets for Mrs. Kathy’s spring lab that are from the same manufacturer as the drug card sets. 

ACCP Hosts Percent Night at Chipotle

ACCP is holding a percent night Tuesday, September 26th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Chipotle in the Vista. In order for proceeds to be donated to ACCP, tell the cashier you are supporting the cause. They will also be selling 

University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy t-shirts from August 28th through September 8th. On September 7th at 12:00 pm in room CLS 211, there will be a career mentor approved interest meeting, 

featuring Dr. Nicole Bookstaver. ACCP’s local dues and national dues are $40 each. For questions, contact Caroline Gordon at or Morgan Ingerson at

SNPhA Serves the Underserved

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is an organization dedicated to the pharmacy profession and serving the underserved. SNPhA offers many initiatives that allow students to gain pharmacy knowledge and leadership experience, including positions in diabetes, immunizations, HIV/AIDS, stroke and smoking cessation, legislation, chronic kidney disease, and the new mental health initiative, which will each have leadership chair positions open in the fall. SNPhA offers thousands of dollars in scholarships at their regional and national convention (which will be held in Charlotte, NC this year), national leader-ship positions, and useful discounts. 

SNPhA’s interest meeting on August 31st will be a career mentor credit at noon in CLS 215 with lunch provided. Mr. Jermaine Smith, the Senior Director of College Relations and Professional Recruitment of Rite Aid, will be presenting about the benefits of SNPhA.

Kappa Epsilon Heads to NOLA

The ladies of Kappa Epsilon are starting off the year with recruitment week activities planned by recruitment co-chairs, Victo-ria Phan and Sarah Corpening. KE’s interest meeting will take place on Monday, August 28th at 12 pm in CLS 215. The meeting will provide potential new members with details about recruitment, big/little week, and social and philanthropic events. Lunch will be provided and the meeting will last around 45 minutes. 

Fall semester will be filled with fun events, such as football games, Music Farm concerts, and the SC State Fair. KE members will also be involved with raising awareness and money for their Nation-al Projects, Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness. September kicks off National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, so stay tuned for fast facts about the disease and other events, such as Wear Teal Day, to promote awareness. 

Madeline Belk, KE Pres-ident, is excited for this year since she was able to represent the Alpha Lamb-da chapter of KE at the 51st KE Convention in New Orleans, LA in the beginning of August. She brought back lots of new ideas that the members of KE would like to incorpo-rate into the school year in regards to social activities and their philanthropies. 

KE members would like to welcome the incoming P1s to the USC College of Pharmacy. 

APhA-ASP Goes to Salt Lake City and D.C. 

Two of APhA-ASP’s members were able to at-tend the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies in Salt Lake City, Utah. This revolutionary conference was a historic event for their chapter, which has never gotten to experience the powerful stories of change and recovery up until this year. 

Their president-elect, Abby Takacs, P2, attended the Summer Leadership Institute in Washington D.C. for a jam-packed weekend of networking, learning, and advocacy. 

As August arrived, APhA-ASP officers were prepping for the Back-to-School Barbeque and annual Officer Retreat held at Plex Hi-Wire and Groucho’s Deli. 

If you would like to hear more about the largest umbrella organization in the profession that spans the wide world of pharmacy practice, come to their first meeting on August 30th from 12-1 pm in CLS 215.

SSHP Attends Summer Meeting and Exhibition

Bailey Newman, president of SSHP, attended ASHP’s Summer Meeting and Exhibition held in Minneapolis, MN. She had a unique experience, due to the smaller number of students in attendance. There was great opportunity for networking with other chapter presidents, including the president at MUSC, as well as many discussions on growing leaders in pharmacy. Bailey is excited to share what she learned with USCCOP’s SSHP chapter members – especially on how to become emotionally intelligent, to provide better care for patients. 

SSHP’s interest meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 29th at 12 pm in CLS 215.

Phi Delta Chi Goes To D.C.

Phi Delta Chi held it’s 71st Grand Council on August 1st – August 5th in Arlington, Virginia. Beta Theta’s Rebecca Fanning, Martin Brooks, Alex George, Katie Chirco, and Hanna Murray attended the weeklong conference participating in business sessions, policy development committees, regional caucuses, and officer training courses. Their members had enriching experiences on both personal and professional levels, by being able to reconnect with PDC Brothers from across the country in our Nation’s capital. Phi Delta Chi welcomes anyone interested in joining their chapter to the following recruitment events:
 • Thursday, August 24th: Wild Wings Café in the Vista from 6-8 pm

 • Tuesday, August 29th: Co-lumbia Fireflies baseball game at 7 pm 
 • Thursday, August 31st: Pelican’s SnoBalls on Rosewood Drive from 5-6 pm 

If you have any questions about their recruitment events, do not hesitate to reach out to Rebecca Fanning ( or Kayla An-tosz ( 


NCPA and KPIC Hosts Pharmacy Bootcamp

The University of South Carolina College of Phar-macy NCPA Chapter’s mission is to expose students to all aspects of communi-ty pharmacy and engage with the community through service projects. The organization hosts a wide array of professional development events and speakers who range in practice from independent pharmacy ownership to corporate district manag-ers. Their goal is to develop leaders who will not only give back to their community, but will advocate for the continued growth and success of community pharmacy. Members gain valuable experiences that will broaden their horizons, expand their network, and build CVs. 

The KPIC-NCPA Pharmacy Bootcamp will take place on September 30, 2017, and will provide opportunities to network with pharmacy owners, bankers, and students from across the nation. The conference is designed to coach on pharmacy acquisi-tion, ownership, operation, and fine-tune personal finances. NCPA also invites you to join them in helping the Veterans of the Dorn VA Medical Center throughout the year, with dates to be announced. 

NCPA’s interest meeting will be on the first day of classes – August 24, 2017. It will be a career-mentor approved meeting and the speaker will be The Honorable Mike Ross, RPh. Pizza will be provided to those who sign up. 

NCPA’s meeting dates for the fall semester are: 

• August 24, 2017 

• September 19, 2017 

• October 17, 2017 

• November 21, 2017 


CPFI Keeps Christ in Pharmacy

CPFI (Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International) is an organization all about keeping Christ first in the field of pharmacy. They value service to others and giving back. CPFI is a national organization which held its annual conference in Colorado this past year. This upcoming year, the annual confer-ence will be held from 5/3 to 6/3 at Bonclarken Conference Center in Flat Rock, NC. 

As a local chapter, CPFI will have events and opportunities for students and faculty to come together to grow in faith and dis-cover ways to use it through the field of phar-

macy. There are many opportunities within this organization. Even if Christianity is not an important belief for you, CPFI strongly encourages you to give them a chance and see if what they do as an organization strikes your interest. 

As a member, here are the few (not all) events that will be available: 

• Monthly meetings 

• Small groups 

• Prayer breakfast 

• Community service 

• Social events (bonfire, BBQ, etc) 


They will hold an ice cream social at 7 pm on either Thursday, 8/24 or Friday, 8/25 at one of the condos by Williams Brice Stadi-um. More information about this will be sent out at a closer date. CPFI’s first meeting is Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 12-1 in CLS 215 with guest speaker, Mrs. Kathy. This meeting is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about CPFI, as well as a free lunch. 
Email questions/concerns/comments at Like CPFI on Facebook ( If you prefer using social me-dia to keep up with things going on, as well as Bible verse of the week and other posts.