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Student Organization

The USC College of Pharmacy recognizes and appreciates the growth and development that is fostered outside of the classroom through intentional student engagement in clubs and organizations. Engagement within service and outreach programs, professional development opportunities, pharmacy education initiatives, career exploration programming, and pharmacy practice experiences form the foundation for the school’s co-curricular experience.


  • Sudent Government Association

    Student  Government Association

    President: Conor Mays President-Elect: Abbie Owen Secretary: Katherine Wilbur Treasurer: Tyler Wagner   Historian/Social Chair: Victoria Phan    

  • Kappa Psi

    Kappa Psi

    Regent: Nick Johnson 1st Vice Regent: Zachary Heape 2nd Vice Regent:  Clayton Rosenbaum 3rd Vice Regent: Zach Boya 4th Regent:  Josh Daniel Secretary: Tyler Cranford Treasurer: Janssen Claudio Historian: Philip Shumpert 1st Phulax:  Taylor Buchanan 2nd Phulax: Phillip Curcio House Manager: Matt Lee Fundraising Chair: Tyler Ancona Grand Council Deputy: Dr. Jim Chapman




  • CPFI

    Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International

     President:  Adam Pizzuti Vice President: Aarial Farmer Treasurer:  Heather Hembree Historian: hailey Stiver Community Outreach Chair:  Robbie Ouzts Fundraising Chair(1): Matthew Berry Fundraising Chair (2): Mimi Bui Chaplin(1): Mary Francis Newman Chaplin(2):  Chloe Lebegue Faculty Advisor: Ms. Kathy Quarles Moore

  • IHI

    Institute for Healthcare Improvement


  • ACCP

    American College of Clinical Pharmacy

     President: Caroline Gordon President-Elect: Morgan Ingerson Secretary:  Joye Altman Treasurer:  Erin Catchings  Student Liaison:  Rebecca Caughman P1 Liaison:  TBD in Fall HSM Chair: Savanna Martin Service Chair: Matthew Berry Clinical Challenge: Rebekah Crandal Faculty Advisor:  LeAnn Norris

  • NCPA


     President:  Karan Patel President Elect: Ashley Godwin Secretary: Puja Khatri Treasurer: Zachary Boyda Fundraising Chair: Heather Hembree  Fundraising (2): Tej Patel Service Chair:  Justin Ford Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gene Reeder

  • Phi Delta

     Phi Delta Chi

     President: Rebecca Fanning  Vice President:  Martin Brooks Treasurer: Chelsea Drebbab Secretary:  Alex George  Correspondent: Taylor Turner Alumni Liasion:  Katie Chirco Prelate: Taylor Logan Pledge Master: Matt Means Vice Pledge Master: Hanna Murray Faculty Advisor: Dr. Whitney Maxwell Faculty Advisor: Dr. LeAnn Norris

  • Kappa Epsilon

    Kappa Epsilon

     President: Madeline Belk Vice President of Service: Hailey Stiver Recruitment Co-Chairs: Sarah Corpening Recruitment Co-Chairs: Victoria Phan Secretary: Riley Curtin Treasurer: Dana Nelson Chaplin:  Guilanna Lyke  Fundraising Co-Chairs: Abigail Owen Fundraising Co-Chairs: Kelly Brown Social Co-Chair: Savanna Martin Social Co-Chair: Aarial Farmer Alumni Liaison: Bailey Newman P2 Liasion: Brittany Waller

  • SNPhA


     Service Chair/Recruitment: Chelsea Drennan Public Relations Chair: Julia Brown Pharmacy Liaison: Sam Glenn Faculty Advisor: Dr. Betsy Blake