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College of Pharmacy

2016-2017 COBRE Publications

Publishers Publication Title Date Keywords
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Bei C, Bindu T, Remant KC, Peisheng X. Dual secured nano-melittin for the safe and effective eradication of cancer cells.   Journal of materials chemistry. B, Materials for biology and medicine.  2016 January 7; 3(1):25-29. tag 1, tag2
White SL, Ortinski PI, Friedman SH, Zhang L, Neve RL, Kalb RG, Schmidt HD, Pierce RC.  A Critical Role for the GluA1 Accessory Protein, SAP97, in Cocaine Seeking. Neuropsychopharmacology: official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology.  2016 February; 41(3):736-50.   
Cheng B, He H, Huang T, Berr SS, He J, Fan D, Zhang J, Xu P.  Gold Nanosphere Gated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Responsive to Near-Infrared Light and Redox Potential as a Theranostic Platform for Cancer Therapy. Journal of biomedical nanotechnology. .  2016 March; 12(3):435-49  
Patel Y, Shah N, Lee JS, Markoutsa E, Jie C, Liu S, Botbyl R, Reisman D, Xu P, Chen H.  A novel double-negative feedback loop between miR-489 and the HER2-SHP2- MAPK signaling axis regulates breast cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth. Oncotarget.   2016 April 5; 7(14):18295-308.  

Kumar S, Pan CC, Shah N, Wheeler SE, Hoyt KR, Hempel N, Mythreye K, Lee NY. 

Activation of Mitofusin2 by Smad2-RIN1 Complex during Mitochondrial Fusion. Molecular cell.  2016 May 19; 62(4):520-31.  

Zhou L, Andersen H, Arreola AC, Turner JR, Ortinski PI. 

Behavioral History of Withdrawal Influences Regulation of Cocaine Seeking by Glutamate Re-Uptake. PloS one.  2016 September 29; 11(9):e0163784.  

Hegde S, Ji H, Oliver D, Patel NS, Poupore N, Shtutman M, Kelly MP. 

PDE11A regulates social behaviors and is a key mechanism by which social experience sculpts the brain. Neuroscience.  2016 October 29; 335:151-69.  

Jenkins LM, Singh P, Varadaraj A, Lee NY, Shah S, Flores HV, O'Connell K, Mythreye K. 

Altering the Proteoglycan State of Transforming Growth Factor β Type III Receptor (TβRIII)/Betaglycan Modulates Canonical Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling. The Journal of biological chemistry.  2016 December 2; 291(49):25716-25728.  

Vassoler FM, Oliver DJ, Wyse C, Blau A, Shtutman M, Turner JR, Byrnes EM. 

Transgenerational attenuation of opioid self-administration as a consequence of adolescent morphine exposure. Neuropharmacology.  2017 February; 113(Pt A):271-280.