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College of Pharmacy

Transfer Applicants

If you’ve already declared a major and decide you’d like to change to pre-pharmacy, don’t worry. We can help you assess the impact of the change and navigate the process.

There are several ways to transfer into the College of Pharmacy. If you're a current University of South Carolina student who would like to change your major to pre-pharmacy, consider attending one of our Change of Major Workshops, which are led by pharmacy advisers.

Pre-Pharmacy Transfer Admission

Current USC Students
If you are a current USC student interested in changing your major to pre-pharmacy, you must have a 3.0 or higher with 12 or more earned college hours (excluding AP/IB credits). First semester freshmen only must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 with 12 or more earned USC credits (excluding AP/IB coursework) to change their major to pre-pharmacy.

Your first step is attending a Change of Major workshop (required), where you’ll learn about the pre-pharmacy major and the requirements to gain admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program at the College of Pharmacy. RSVP online to reserve your space. The workshops are held in Room 110, Coker Life Sciences. If you have questions, contact Kristi Niro, Director of Pre-Professional Studies and Recruitment, at 803-777-6635 or

From Other Colleges or Universities
If you’re transferring from another college or university into the USC pre-pharmacy program, the process is also handled through Undergraduate Admissions. Learn more about undergraduate transfers and requirements. A minimum GPA of 3.0 with 12 or more earned college hours (excluding AP or IB courses) is required to become a Pre-Pharmacy major.

Pharm.D. Transfer Admission

Applications for transfer students from other accredited professional pharmacy programs into the college’s professional program will be evaluated on an individual basis. The student applying for transfer must be in good standing in their current program, the student must complete at least two years of study at the College of Pharmacy, and a position must be available in our program for any application to be considered.

Information required for transfer:

  • letter from the student requesting the transfer and stating the reason
  • letter from the Dean’s Office of the student’s current Pharm.D. program stating the student is in good academic and professional standing.
  • completion of the supplemental application
  • receipt of all college transcripts by Enrollment Services
  • three letters of recommendation
  • official PCAT score (must include writing score)
  • current program’s Pharm.D. curriculum

The admissions committee may consult the curriculum committee and others in regards to Pharm.D. course equivalency and/or where the transfer should be placed in the Pharm.D. program. The admissions committee may require a face-to-face interview for transfer students.

Graduate Transfer Credits

Course work not part of a completed certificate program or graduate degree from USC or another institution may be transferred for credit toward a master’s or doctoral degree. Transferred courses must be relevant to your program of study and have course content and a level of instruction equivalent to that offered by the University’s own graduate programs. Before attempting to transfer credits to a graduate program at USC, consult the Graduate Studies Bulletin and a faculty adviser in your program of interest.