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College of Pharmacy

Tuition and Scholarships

Your pharmacy education is a significant investment. When you pair competitive tuition rates and scholarship availability with the strength of our academic programs, the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy offers the greatest value for your money.

Annual Tuition and Fees (2018-2019)

Year of Program Semester Resident Cost Non-‍Resident Cost Non-Resident with Scholarship Cost
P1, P2, P3 Fall $12,048 $17,928 $15,300
Spring $12,048 $17,928 $15,300
Summer $3,582 $5,413 $4,443
TOTAL $27,678 $41,269 $35,043
P4 Fall $12,132 $18,072 $15,414
Spring $12,132 $18,072 $15,414
TOTAL $24,264 $36,144 $30,828
Cost per credit hour
(Part Time)
$1004.25 $1494.25 $1275.25

See additional notes below related to annual tuition and fees.*


Scholarships are available at both the university and department level. University scholarships are awarded to both SC residents and nonresidents by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions based on a variety of eligibility factors. 

Departmental scholarships are available thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends, and are awarded to current undergraduate and graduate College of Pharmacy students. These scholarships are primarily merit-based, but often financial need and other special circumstances are considered.

To be considered for a scholarship, students must complete an online application every year. The application is accessible each spring, and it is due each year by midnight on May 19. Scholarship recipients are chosen between June and July.


1. Above fees include USC Technology Fee as appropriate, $200 per semester or pro-rated for per credit hour tuition.

2. All College of Pharmacy students retaking a course during the summer terms are required to pay the per credit hour rate for the repeated course and the regular summer program fee. Students who must schedule an additional IPPE or APPE due to a deficiency in the previous practice experience will be billed the appropriate per hour tuition for this extra course.

3. Pre-pharmacy students at the USC campus pay the regular USC undergraduate tuition.

4. Pre-pharmacy students at the USC campus pay an advisement fee of $100 per semester in fall and spring, not in summer.

5. Students accepted into the PharmD program pay a seat confirmation fee of $485 prior to the P1 year.

6. There is a one-time USC Matriculation Fee of $95 for students entering a USC doctoral program; P1 students are assessed this fee for Fall of the P1 year.

7. There is a supplemental application fee for students applying to the USC College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy professional program; this amount is in addition to the application fee charged by PharmCAS.