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College of Nursing

Faculty Information for Study Abroad Courses

Forms and Downloads

Key Information

  1. All trips must be registered with the study abroad office on Columbia Campus
  2. Faculty should use a 3rd party provider- there are study abroad providers or faculty can use a travel agent (Forest Lake is approved by USC)
  3. Faculty will have a contract with a logistics provider that has to go through university processes. This does not go through the study abroad office but the provost’s office. The copy of the contract is then stored with our business office.
  4. University policy requires 2 leaders in a study abroad experience. Some logistics providers have that 2nd person as part of the package. That can save a lot of money.
  5. Student money issues: a) The student’s first deposit should be due after students hear from grants, about March 1, if possible. b) Logistics providers give financial aid. c) Transient student get scholarships
  6. Course suggestions: Have one or two group sessions in spring semester. Develop team building activities before you go. Suggestions: provide classroom orientation to course and location, films, language and money, scavenger hunt on campus.
  7. The Study Abroad Office conducts workshops throughout the year to enhance the study abroad experience. These are required to take a course within the College of Nursing.
  8. Coursework imbedded into another course (ex. Nicaragua and N435) should be registered with the Study abroad office but do not need specific course approval.