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Change of Major Application

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This application is for all USC-Columbia students who are interested in changing their major to Pre-Nursing Lower Division within the College of Nursing. Acceptance into Pre-Nursing does not guarantee acceptance into Nursing Upper Division. A separate, departmental, application is required for consideration into Nursing Upper Division. Students accepted as a change of major will receive additional information regarding when and how to apply to Nursing Upper Division.

Students must meet the minimum eligibility to change major to nursing:

  1. A minimum Institutional GPA of a 3.000
    1. Grade Forgiveness will not be factored into the calculations of your GPA
    2. No more than one below C grade in a BSN required science course
    3. Complete a minimum of 12 graded credit hours

IMPORTANT: Due to the capacity limits of the College of Nursing meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

TIMELINE: For spring semester, all change of major applicants must submit the following application by October 1st. For summer/fall semesters, all change of major applicants must submit the following application by March 1st. Notifications for both acceptances and denials will be sent via email by the 15th of each of the above months.

ACCEPTED STUDENTS: All accepted change of major applicants are required to attend a College of Nursing New Major Information and Advising Session. This session will provide an overview of the BSN program, the curriculum, application process to Nursing Upper Division and will include a one-on-one advising appointment with one of the College of Nursing academic advisors.

ADMITTED STUDENT PROFILE: The following statistics reflect the average admitted student profile of the past three change of major applicant pools.

Average percent of accepted eligible applicants: 32.6%
Average Institutional GPA: 3.814
Average Nursing Progression GPA: 3.863

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South Carolina Honors College *
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I understand that in order to be considered for admissions into the College of Nursing as a change of major student that I need to have a minimum Inst. GPA of 3.000 on a 4.000 scale. When my GPA is calculated for consideration of acceptance grade forgiveness will not be factored into the calculation. *
I understand that as a result of the limited capacity of the College of Nursing the change of major process is extremely competitive. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admissions. *
I understand that the College of Nursing requires all students to earn a grade of C or better in required science courses and not earning such grades impacts academic standing within the college. These courses include, BIOL 243, BIOL 243L, BIOL 244, BIOL 244L, BIOL 250, BIOL 250L, and CHEM 102. If a change of major applicant has earned more than one grade of below C (D+, D, F, etc.) in any of the above courses they are not eligible for consideration into the college. *
I understand that if accepted it is a requirement to attend a new major information and advising session hosted by the College of Nursing. Notification of when and where the session will be held will be included in the acceptance notification email. *

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