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College of Nursing

South Carolina One Voice One Plan

Action Coalition Team 4

Key Message #4: Effective workforce planning and policy making require better data collection and an improved information structure

Co-Leaders:  Susan Williams and Marian McVey

Goal: Build an infrastructure for the collection and analysis of inter-professional health care workforce data

  • Maintain the Workforce Office (OHWRN) website to incorporate IFN and link national site.
  • Maintain up-to-date SC Nurse Supply Fact Sheet.
    • Tactic: These strategies will require collaboration with and data procurement from the Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning, where the 2012 relicensure data are now being analyzed in alignment with ORS.
  • Utilize scenario building for future demand forecast.
    • We can list the scenario creations from the other 3 teams as "projects" for the workforce office to assist with.
  • Create a draft of SC nursing supply and demand report for executive committee review and consideration
    • Working with the Office of Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning, a draft of this report is underway – however, it includes 2006, 2008, and 2010 RN licensure data, so it will have limited applicability to current supply/demand; however, the mechanism for creating the report will be in place for inputting more recent data.
  • Seek sustainability funding for the Office of Nursing Workforce
    • Immediate and on-going grant submissions will be necessary to seek support for additional personnel (i.e. consultants for each action coalition team) and to provide support for marketing strategies noted above, as well as mini-grants for teams as noted above.
    • We hope to have 2 years of additional AHEC sub-contract money to support graduate assistant, data consultant, and data analysis and dissemination.

Also visit the Office of Healthcare Workforce Research for Nursing