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College of Nursing

Workforce Data Summary Report 2012 - 2013

Pipeline Data

Enrollment/Graduation Data in SC Nursing Schools (2013)

There are 29 Nursing Education Programs/Schools in South Carolina:

  • 15 offer ADN, 14 BSN, 6 Masters, 2 Doctorate
  • 8 RN-BSN completion programs
Program Type Enrolled (2013) Graduates (2013)
ADN 3,550 1,297
BSN (including RN-BSN completion)* 2,810 1,174
Masters Programs 313 99
Doctoral Programs  
DNP 201 32
PhD 88 10

*see SREB Full Report

Trends in ADN and BSN Graduates per year in South Carolina since 2005

ADN vs BSN Graduates

The Office for Healthcare Workforce Analyses and Planning projects there will be approximately 50,000 RNs in the workforce by 2020. In order to reach the state goal of having 65% of registered nurses with a BSN or higher degree we need to be graduating a total of 2,500 RNs each year from our entry-level or RN – BSN completion programs.

The major barriers reported by Schools of Nursing to increase enrollment are lack of clinical sites for required training and faculty shortages, both of which limits seat numbers of students.

Entry Level Degree for all RNs - including APRNs in the 2012 RN Workforce


Degree Type Count
Associate Nursing 24,132
Bachelors Nursing 12,701
Diploma 3,596
Masters Nursing 22
Unknown 62

60% of workforce entered with Associate Degree31.3% entered with BSN