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Weather update: The Columbia campus will have a delayed opening until 10 am tomorrow, Jan. 18. This applies to all offices. Classes scheduled to begin before 10 am are canceled. Classes scheduled to begin at or after 10 am will take place as scheduled. See for updates See for updates.

College of Nursing

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Cockcroft History

Class of 1995 - 1996

  • Debra Austin
    “An Alternative Assessment of Minority Student’s Academic Success”

  • Janis P. Bellack PhD, RN, FAAN
    “Nursing Workforce Development for the Future”

  • Carole Bennett
    “Women Finding Voice: A Spoken Commitment”

  • Stephanie Burgess, PhD, APRN, BC
    “Advanced Practice Nursing”

  • Maria E Cardenas
    “Health People: Leaders in Partnership”

  • Kathlyn S. Haddock
    “Cooperative Staffing Proposal for Cost Effective, Quality Care in SCDMH”

  • Jean S. Hopkins
    “Let Everybody Listen to the Nurse” (A videotaped documentary)

  • Ann W. Lee
    “Refocusing on the Educational Preparation of Public Health Nurses”

  • Jaclyn S. Upfield
    “SC Department of Mental Health Nursing Leadership: An Analysis & Proposal"