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College of Nursing

The Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship

2023-2024 Application (Open in August)

*Deadline February 1, 2023*


Apply in three easy steps:

Step 1.   Fill out the Intent to Apply Form

*Required fields


Step 2.   Upload and submit a copy of your current Resume or Curriculum Vitae, a current professional biography (350 words or less) and completed answers to the five questions below.


 1. Why are you interested in attending the Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship? (100 word limit)

 2. Where do you see yourself as a leader in the next 5 – 10 years? (150 word limit)

 2. What do you believe are your greatest strengths as a leader? Include at least one example to illustrate your strengths as an effective leader. (250 word limit)

 4. What do you believe are your opportunities for growth as a leader? Include at least one example of a situation to illustrate how you have recognized your challenges as a leader. (250 word limit)

5. Describe a healthcare leader that demonstrates leadership qualities that you wish to emulate. Describe 3 traits or characteristics of this leader that you respect and why these traits are important to those they lead. (250 word limit)

6. Share a project topic that interests you related to leadership or an improvement opportunity in your workplace. (250 word limit)


Upload and Submit


Step 3.   Upload and submit one letter of recommendation from an executive from your sponsoring organization with the following points discussed:
  • Your potential as a leader now, and in the future
  • Why you should be selected for the program
  • Financial and time commitment to the program  


Upload and Submit


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