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College of Nursing

Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship

Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship

The Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship is a creative endeavor that prepares nurses of accomplishment for innovative healthcare leadership in the 21st century.

Call for Applications is now open for the 2020-2021 Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship!

The Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship was the first of its kind in the Nation. Established in 1994 by Amy V. Cockcroft, the founding dean of the College of Nursing at the University of South Carolina, the program has evolved to prepare nurse executive leaders to meet the urgent demands of today's healthcare environment. This progressive leadership fellowship will prepare you to lead and navigate complex organizations, academic institutions, and other community settings.  

Advance Your Leadership

The Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship will provide you with proven skills, strategies, and techniques for success as a healthcare leader. This visionary program equips you with a critical foundation for leading through periods of change, building partnerships and circles of influence, and forging collaborations. The program will help you develop competencies in organizational communications, applying systems concepts, resolving and negotiating conflict, and developing alternative models of leading, managing, and following, in lateral versus hierarchical systems. Individual and group coaching throughout the program will prepare you for the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities of advanced leadership positions in practice and academia.

During the Fellowship participants will: 

  • Expand boundaries of leadership through self-awareness, circles of influence and visionary strategic thinking
  • Leverage work at a higher level using system-thinking concepts with highly effective organizational and personal communications
  • Resolve and negotiate conflicts with mastered communication skills and self-reflection
  • Challenge traditional linear thinking to lead successfully in today's global, complex, and evolving healthcare environment.
  • Plan and implement a project that illustrates the application of acquired leadership.

Contact Us

For further information or questions about the Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship:

Phone: 803-777-9614

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